Keeping the world ‘Barmy’

Barmies are a baked beer snack which have been developed as a great accompaniment to craft beer and real ales. Barmies are made from 'beer barm' a by-product of the brewing process created during the fermentation of beer. We reduce down real ales to fold into the dough which create natural and intense flavours.

Barmies make an ideal bar snack, deli product, hamper filling or wedding favour.  

Using the traditional process of fermentation each batch of Barmies are handmade by Sophie Wood in Nottinghamshire.

The Breweries

Our beer barm comes from skilled brewers who we are proud to collaborate with, uniting the traditions of baking and brewing once again. We're currently working with Castle Rock Black Iris and Totally Brewed in Nottingham, Welbeck Brewery on the Welbeck Estate and Kelham Island and Abbeydale Brewery in Sheffield.