What is beer barm?

Bakers worked with brewers in times gone by,
They used their beer barm to make their bread rise,
Barm is a tasty by-product of brewing,
It is so rich in B-vitamins you will be glowing!
The bread they made, varied in height,
“The beer barm is barmy!” – they shouted in delight, all night!

Beer barm is a natural and ancient ingredient for leavening bread. Often bakers and brewers were situated next to each other in rural communities, as they shared the same resources such as water, grain, customers and transportation. The bakers would naturally use the surplus ' beer barm' from the brewery to make their bread.

The yeasty froth was taken off the fermenting beer and added to bread to help make it rise. The unpredictable nature of the rise gives us the word Barmy!

The barm has unique flavours and characteristics depending on the brewer and the type of beer it derives from.

In the 19th Century as food began to be produced on an industrial scale, commercial yeast was developed and favoured as a more reliable leavening alternative to beer barm. At Barmies we are reviving this tradition, with our barmy snacks! 

Whilst beer barm is full of B-vitamins and is good for you, its not so good for the environment. Yeast has a negative impact on the environment as it requires oxygen from the water to break down and decompose. This leaves the water deficient in oxygen and can be harmful to other organisms which require oxygen to survive. 

So by eating Barmies you're not just enjoying a tasty snack you're saving the environment too.